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Company Name : Bettersoft Corporation

Founded: August 9, 2010

Business: IT consulting, Software development consulting, S/W Supply business, Software services business, IBM Lotus, Websphere, Rational solution

Address: 257-3 Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul National West 5th floor of No. 501

Certification : IBM Premier Partner, IBM Core Supplier

CEO: Kyung-won, Seo


2014 IBM Hardware business partners signed cooperation

2014 Lenovo X86 cooperation signed business partners

2014 Electronic Signature Solution No. 1 market share merger company first Zionist argument

2013 mobile app launch sequence waiting (product name: Myturn)

2013 HP Hardware business partners entered into cooperation

2013 SNS-based groupware Smart-G releases


December 2014. Daewoo research, materials management, service management system project orders

October 2014. Korea Airports Corporation Goods Inspection System Articles staffing

June 2014. LS LS Ceuta Inc. RND center in Anyang build gun HP Hardware delivery

May 2014. Eastern life optimization solutions, analytical design tool maintenance contracts (Cplex, RSA)

April 2014. Dongbu optimization solutions, analytical design tool maintenance contracts (iLog, RSA)

March 2014. POSCO ICT Brazilian plant optimization solutions and DBMS delivery (Cplex, Oracle)

February 2014. Home and Shopping call center system H / W Delivery

January 2014. LG Chem IBM S / W integrated maintenance work orders

January 2014. LG Hausys IBM S / W integrated maintenance work orders

November 2013. Daewoo Nigeria Groupware & Corporate Secretary / HR System project orders

September 2013. TAK (old Saehan Information Systems) Websphere App Server Delivery

May 2013. SK Pocatello Comfort IBM Rational Testing Product Delivery

April 2013. Smart Defence Institute of design requirements and analysis tools Delivery

March 2013. Daewoo E & C portal and integrated groupware construction project contract

February 2013. Home and Shopping commercial S / W project delivery orders

February 2013. Passenger Railroad Corporation Sales System Optimization construction project orders (Product: IBM iLog Cplex)

December 2012. LG Hausys IBM Software annual maintenance contract (IBM Software)

December 2012. LG Chem IBM Software annual maintenance contract (IBM Software)

December 2012. High Plaza IBM Software annual maintenance contract (IBM Software)

December 2012. IBM Software Delivery LGCNS small air PJT, Pantos Logistics, GS et Construction (RSA, etc.)

October 2012. LG U + Big data platform to build DB2, SPSS Delivery (DB2, SPSS)

September 2012. HLDS integrated production system WMQ Delivery (IBM WMQ)

September 2012. Hanwha Securities mobile e-signature account opening System

August 2012. Build a mobile electronic signature NH NH securities account opening system

May 2012. Credit Guarantee Fund load testing consultancy progress (RPT)

May 2012. Hanwha General Insurance secondary Hybrid subscription-based electronic systems development

March 2012. Daewoo IBM Websphere ESB build orders (WESB)

March 2012. Dongbu Life IBM Rational maintenance orders (RSA)

March 2012. Linde Korea IBM Lotus Migration Project (DOMINO Note)

February 2012. Target group mobile office workers to build commitment contract

January 2012. Korea Exchange Market System System S / W Maintenance

January 2012. High groupware Plaza S / W Maintenance (Lotus Notes Domino)

January 2012. Life / Meritz Smart Application (electronic signature system) to build

December 2011. Content Agency Face book Game Development

October 2011. Tong Yang Magic build mobile ERP systems (Android, iPhone) (Websphere Application Server)

August 2011. MKE Policy Information System IBM SW Delivery (IWebsphere Application Server)

August 2011. KRX CME MQ license purchases linked to global markets test systems (IBM MQ)

July 2011. Orient Securities / Hanwha General Insurance (electronic signature system) Smart Application / Hanwha S & C Web building

June 2011. Samsung SDS KRX security management and common technology maintenance

June 2011. Modern M & Software IBM HW and SW equipment delivery (DOORS Publishing Engine)

April 2011. Artists Lee Si-young / WIStar Smart Application Development Services

In March 2011. First violinist I & C Co., Ltd. Switch

January 2011. EDAILY Smart Application / LIG Investment & Web Development

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