Smart G 'will satisfy is the best product and the best cost consulting services, business efficiency, integration, role-specific Needs of the organization's operating management.

Key Features
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Construction, operation and maintenance
  • Business process / efficiency, collaboration,
  • Operations, Administration

- Executive
Less cost, more ROI
  • Construction costs
  • IT infrastructure, TCO savings for the organization
  • Operate / Maintain eliminate redundant investments

- Users
Less complexity, more productive
  • Easy to use → increase business efficiency
  • automation → Rapid business process
  • Collaboration → Increased productivity
  • Multi, multi-tiered business continuity support inter-organizational
    (Eg, domestic and foreign subsidiaries, branch offices)

- System Administrator
Less burden, more automated
  • Improved management for infrastructure
  • Reduction in time for performing repetitive tasks
  • Document, integrated management of data
  • Enhanced Security

- Operator
Less restricted, more features
  • Non-specific open-platform
  • The standard framework → fast development, maintenance
  • The same operating environment with the existing environment


- 'Smart G' is Pure Web (Non ActiveX) based on the rapid business processes, collaboration, information management personnel, secretaries, etc. ∙ welfare functions are provided to secure user-friendly.


-'Smart G 'offers usability, functionality and affordability, based on the technology side through the features and benefits compared to other solutions on the market within a differentiated competitive advantage to our customers satisfaction.

-'Smart G 'offers to maximize usability User Experience to suit your environment and needs that are changing

-'Smart G 'offers to maximize usability User Experience to suit your environment and needs that are changing


-BetterSoft Business Portal offers a wide range of business support (Secretary / Ministry) function is to increase the organization's business and user friendliness / efficiency.


- Establishing Overseas Business Portal System

『OOO corporate groupware construction project』has created a groupware, HR, business portal system that contains the secretary function in accordance with the substance of incorporation of OO construction offices in Nigeria due to local law amendment of Nigeria.

Integrated Payment System - OO Construction

 • Integrate a variety of payment services generated from Legacy System (UI, Process) and System for

 • Multi Desk with Open Web System that supports Web Browser Tower, tablet and mobile environments

 • Apply a standard interface methods operate, maintain, build easy system expansion