Dynamic and enabling the interconnection of business processes and software in an SOA environment to deliver high efficiency of application infrastructures for all business situations.

- Application Infrastructure

WebSphere Application Server / WebSphere Application Server Community Edition / WebSphere sMash
WebSphere Application Server Express / WebSphere Virtual Enterprise / WebSphere eXterme Scale

Build a safe, flexible and proven application environment, deploy, and run it.

- Application Integration

WebSphere MQ / WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition / WebSphere Message Broker
WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus / WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
WebSphere Transformation Extender / WebSphere Adapter

By connecting applications and services to achieve operational efficiency and cost savings.

- Business Process Management

WebSphere Business Modeler / WebSphere Business Monitor / WebSphere Business Events
WebSphere Business Services Fabric / WebSphere Process Server
WebSphere Integration Developer / WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

Documenting and deploying end-to-end business processes and improve business agility by optimizing performance.

- Business rules management system (BRMS)

WebSphere ILOG JRules / WebSphere ILOG Rules for .NET / WebSphere ILOG Rules for COBOL
WebSphere ILOG Rule Team Server / WebSphere ILOG Rule Solutions for Office
WebSphere ILOG Decision Validation Services
WebSphere ILOG Business Rules for zOS / WebSphere Decision Server

Safety for automated decisions used by business systems and provides an easy and reliable control.

- Optimization

IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise / IBM ILOG CP Optimizer / IBM ILOG CPLX Optimizer Studio

The optimization techniques are helping to make wise decisions in business by combining mathematical techniques and computer engineering.

- Portals and Collaboration

WebSphere Portal / WebSphere Portal Express / WebSphere Portlet Factory / WebSphere Dashboard Framework

Provides exceptional user-experience through the personalized access to information and applications from the Web platform.