To provide high-quality services to customer value creation.

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Consulting Business

Notes / Domino consulting and development, Rational CBD consulting and development, configuration management, testing, consulting business

Mobile application solutions, consulting and development, mobile office building, WebSphere product-related consulting, WAS Performance Diagnostics Consulting Medium / advanced technical support and MA services

Strategy, finance, and management functions, and features a wide range of expertise and technology solutions for customer problems and requirements on the basis of experience in global management provides a comprehensive customer support as a business partner.

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Education Business

Database Education, Web Application Server Education, Rational Tool Education, UML, RUP Education

Database Education
Recent big data center to know the importance of a database field, the database is designed, built, you can learn how to operate Education.

Web Application Server Education
The over HTTP on the Internet for middleware that performs an application on your computer or device Education.

Rational Tool Education
The IBM configuration management tools of levels for the Rational Tool. Proceed to finance specific Education.

UML, RUP Education
Supports training on UML and RUP for object-oriented modeling.

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Distributed Objects Technology Research

EA, COBRA, UML, EJB / J2EE, Web systems methodology, change management systems, middleware,

Distributed environments with application development and methodology, the jugiron for tracking and source change in the history of the entire ALM process research and development in software archaeological point of view.

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Rational, Lotus, WebSphere, Tivoli, DB2

Rational Software
Enhance the company's software development capability is a tool that provides assistance to business value creation. Software engineering best practices, tools, and services are integrated.

Customers, in close cooperation with partners, and employees, and provides a way to improve the productivity of your team and the ability to perform a quick decision. Connect the key processes and to strengthen cooperation in response to customers and partners more effectively.

WebSphere that will have an organic integration between business agility and flexibility of critical Web systems and other system offers advanced features such as self-management, dynamic load balancing.

The Tivoli software products that provide infrastructure to manage the various businesses including backup software that provides the availability of equipment asset management, performance and business automation, enterprise security management, and storage resources.

Commercial relationship with the database management system, using SQL as a data language is a system for multiple users to access a large database of multiple relational databases at the same time.

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