Bes Tablet PC solution as an electronic signature system that can handle up to completion of the contracts in commodities and ONESTOP Check Simple operating results, as well as expense reductions and may indicate a significant effect of spreading out the green business policy at the national level.


Knowledge and quick response to the electronic signature laws
- Insurance-related guide provides information about the laws and the initial leading role
- Electronic signature laws and patents related to new processes and experience more rapid response in the event of a proceeding
- Perform an electronic signature system construction guide only and not legal, and consulting roles

Fast, reliable and easy to build and operate through Zes Solutions
- Bes Designer, Bes Editor, by introducing a fast and reliable Bes Key building progress
- Expandable to work through the introduction and utilization of Bes Solutions
- Fast and easy application and optimized for use Bes solution

Composed of professionals involved in the electronic signature building
- Android, iOS, OS support, and a wide variety of platforms and going through experiences such as building Slate PC
- Planning, which may be optimized for a Tablet PC, design, consulting process optimized UI / UX provided
- Reliable, fast response and clean-up progress on the linkages and requirements


- Communication between counterfeiting / anti-tamper technology

- Easy and fast creation and application forms through Bes Designer

- The provision of e-signature scheme in Tablet

- Server security guidelines to comply with the FSS / camouflage and encryption processing technology


ONESTOP system implementation that is sent from the client to the backbone and Storage


dea han E-subscription system
Period: January 2012 to April 2012
Description: Build an electronic signature subscription system introduced and tablet sales support system using the iPad2

Meritz electronic subscription system
Period: January 2012 to February 2012
Contents: Slate subscription system introduced electronic signature verification and long-term process, the initial screen using a PC

Hanwha General Insurance electronic subscription system
Period: July 2011 to November 2011
Contents: iPad, the digital signature subscription system introduced and constructed with Galaxy Tab